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Chris & I are lucky to have 2 of the cutest nieces ever! Jeff & Emily’s little girl, Katie, is 1 year old & really sweet. Jeran & Ashley’s tiny lady, Kaylee, is 4 months and just a doll! It is amazing to see how such tiny little people see the world & how just the simplest things bring them joy. We can definitely learn a lot from them in that way!


Wow! Can you believe that today is our 4 year anniversary? Crazy! To think that we have been together for so long, yet for so little! I know that eternity is going to be a blast with Chris by my side! We have come a long way in our personal and together lives. A lot of changes, adjustments, and adventures! And that is just what life is all about!

To celebrate, I thought I would put together a top 10 list of why it is awesome to be married to Chris! 🙂

10 ) We both speak a bit of Spanish. He speaks it WAY better than I do. But he helps me practice!

9 ) He loves attention. He gets this twinkle in his eye when you pay attention to him & you know he just loves every moment of it. I think it is way cute.

8 )  He is really accepting & non-judgemental. He loves & will be best friends with everyone and anyone-no matter what you look like, where you are from, etc.

7 ) He loves fashion. Particularly women’s fashion. And he is NOT embarrassed to admit it.

6 ) He is not at all easily embarrassed. This can be good or bad in some cases, haha! But it always makes for a fun, awkward time!

5 ) He loves my family! And I love his! And that, is a major blessing!

4 ) Chris love, love, LOVES our dogs. He will squeeze them, and kiss them, and love them alllllll the day long. I know one day he will be a way awesome (if not overly protective) dad. And that just melts my heart!

3 ) He loves animals and nature in general! Fish, bugs, birds, reptiles… doesn’t matter! Which is great, because I do too!

2 ) Chris is fiercely competitive & hardworking. This makes everyday tasks and board games, an all out war! Which can get pretty funny sometimes.

1 ) He loves me, and I know it! Everyday we have together is fun & filled with adventure! Being married to your best friend is the greatest, and I am a lucky girl to have him FOREVER!

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We had our Christmas Cruise to the Bahamas! It was quite an adventure, with 3 medical emergencies throughout it! Luckily none were us! 🙂 ON the flight to Florida, where our ship sailed outof, someone on the plane needed a doctor. Then, on our first day on the ship, when w were halfway to the Bahamas, someone had an emergency, so the ship had to turn around to get them to the hospital. Then, on our long-awaited shore excursion, going out on a sailboat & snorkeling in the coral reef, one of the fellow tourists drowned!!! They brought him back with CPR, but we all had to get right back on the sailboat and go back in, so he could go to the hospital. Chris & I definitely had a lot of fun together, and we enjoyed the warmer weather, but I think next time we go somewhere, it will not be on a cruise!


The holidays are definitely a time for a lot of family and fun. You come to realize how cool your family is, and that every one’s family is a little “weird” in one way or another! That is what makes life interesting! I have had a lot of interesting family things happen lately, such as: finding my biological father on Facebook (I have never met him), my mom remarrying, my dad planning to remarry, and my older brother, Jeran, is heading to Iraq for the second time while his wife, Ashley, is expecting their first baby! Sometimes things can seem a bit overhelming, but I know truly that things will all work out for the best, and that the Lord watches over us and knows what we need! Enjoy the Journey! 🙂

The holidays sure can be a crazy fun and busy  time! There is always so much to do and see!


WHAT IS YOUR HUSBAND’S NAME? Christopher Kevin Bennett
HOW LONG HAVE YOU GUYS BEEN MARRIED? 4 years in January!!! Crazy, I know!
HOW LONG DID YOU DATE? about 1 year
HOW OLD IS HE? He’s 27-old geezer 😉
WHO IS TALLER? Chris is by a few inches. We are both little shorties!
WHO CAN SING BEST? Me for sure! Chris likes to sing goofy & loud for all to hear!
WHO IS SMARTER? I think we both are, just in different areas. Chris is really handy & good at fixing things, and very talented musically. I am a really good reader & better with artsy stuff.
WHO DOES LAUNDRY? Mostly me, but Chris does help put them away alot of times!
WHO PAYS BILLS? Both of us know what is going on with finances. We are open about that.
WHO SLEEPS ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE BED? Chris & Kanga do. Haha. She always snuggles up on his neck, while Peanut sleeps between us, touching both of us just ever so slightly. Our sleeping arrangements are funny!
WHO MOWS THE LAWN? Both of us do! Just depends on who gets to it first. Chris is more meticulous with it though.
WHO COOKS DINNER? I usually prepare it, but Chris cooks alot too.
WHO’S THE FIRST TO ADMIT THEY ARE WRONG? Both of us are kind of stubborn, so it can take a while sometimes. We try to make the other cave in. Haha! But overall, both of us are pretty quick to admit when we are being silly.                                                                                                                                                                                               WHO KISSED WHO FIRST? It was Chris! He pressed his nose up to mine & stared into my eyes, and said “whoa! it’s like one huge eye!” Then he kissed me, laughed & said, “wow, that was random!”                                                            WHO WEARS THE PANTS? We both wear capris! haha

Me & Chris! Conjuntos para siempre!!! We are best friends!

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Chris turned 27 last month! Can you believe it? He is still as handsome & youthful as ever! I do like to tease him & call him an old man, but he really is still a baby-faced guy!

We had a really fun time spending our Thanksgiving down in La Verkin, with Chris’ family! The whole gang was there, so it was a nice time.

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