Chris & Sheralyn Bennett (and Kanga & Peanut)

WOW! 5 Years!

Posted on: February 6, 2011

It is crazy to believe, but Chris & I celebrated our 5 year anniversary on January 21, 2011! That sure makes you feel old & wrinkly! 🙂 haha! We had a great anniversary, went to Color Me Mine & made soup bowls and on our actual anniversary we went to the Provo Temple and did sealings. Marriage is not easy, but it is definitely the biggest blessing you can have in your life. Being married to your best friend is all anyone could ever ask for! I am one lucky girl. Chris is so sweet to me, and is very loving to our dogs, which just melts my heart! We have definitely been together through thick & thin, good times and bad, but we are always by each other’s side through it all.


1 Response to "WOW! 5 Years!"

happy 5 years to you guys!! you are the cutest couple. and its so true that being married to your best friend is all anyone could ask for!

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